Romancing the Platypus - Dinning in the Rainforest-- (seasonal)

dan itibaren AUD 190,00 AU$
  • Süre: 2 Saat (Tahmini)
  • Lokasyon: Broken River, QLD
  • Ürün kodu: Romancing the Platypus
Self-Drive to Broken River, once there we will sit down to bubbly for the adults, water/juice for the children with chicken, side dish and nibbles (adjusted for your needs).  While enjoying our meal we will learn about the platypus which takes approximately 30 minutes with questions encouraged followed by a practical session of how to spot our wonderful little platypus.  You will also receive an explanation of any other animals that turn up in the rainforest while we are there.  If it's October through to December you might be lucky enough to be treated to a firefly spectacular.

Don't worry if you don't like bubbly just let me know what you do and I will do my best to accommodate you.